Mike Burkett


I play in NOFX and invent words. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=nawesome http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=greediocracy

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2122 days ago


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stupidchau 2117 days ago

beautiful kids you have , mike !
but why dont they look like you??! i guess your wife went out with some other guy while you were in any tour in europe hahah !
dont take it too serious im just kidding , we luv you fat!

diggitybiggity 2117 days ago

This picture is great Mike!

Alienubi 2121 days ago

That is effin' cute!

MduVall808 2121 days ago

That's really sweet! Is that Darla? Good Daddy!

fatmikei 2122 days ago


FogacaHC 2122 days ago


DoctorDemon 2122 days ago

Oh, that's just adorable!

Alritejes 2122 days ago

Darla is adorable :)

thestarsfell 2122 days ago

too fucking cute!

DanteSkye 2122 days ago

I just went to the fair yesterday, as well. :P

Artisteo 2122 days ago

Your a good dad mike.

mblomstrand92 2122 days ago

I want Fat Mike to take me to the rollercoaster to : <

Kevin_PLT 2122 days ago

So cute! Is it Darla on the left?