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I spent my day with cows--fill you in on Tuesday...

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2257 days ago

I spent my day with cows--fill you in on Tuesday...


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mbettencourt_ 1839 days ago

If you like cows, you should come to The Azores, in Portugal. We have cows literally, EVERYWHERE!

nalabrown 2148 days ago

Did you like them? :))

undegard 2159 days ago

// Frida Undegård^*

undegard 2159 days ago

I love you and I want to meet you so badly!
you are my biggest idol (seriously) and I have pictures of you all over my wall (cut out from swedish magazines)
I would LOVE to meet you, couldn't you come to sweden sometime?
please comment me back
// Frid

LizziRuurds 2159 days ago

Can't think of a better way to spend any day....

Heeeyy_SexyLady 2164 days ago


Tonyanator 2169 days ago

There's that moo picture! I like this one! Here cow cow!!! Here!!! Cows are cute!

deejay4lyf 2175 days ago

OMG, if you want to get closer than that come to Australia, Victoria, my mum has lots of cows and they get so close you can pat them and i am dead serious =P

MimiMira 2178 days ago

it looks like you are in Norway. and in stavanger.

miriam25t 2190 days ago

nice cows

cherylhart2 2197 days ago

awwww that was sweet but i have to say i have stepped into plenty of cow dung doing field work as a landsurveyor in flordia there are plenty of cows and horses

kem21loveMJ29 2208 days ago

thats a beautiful place! where is that?

ticky37 2213 days ago

heeere kitty kitty kitty

aleeexwinniing 2218 days ago

thats what newzealand looks like. well most of it anyway

TateTwo 2219 days ago

If you had a "eat mor chikin" sign, they'd be flocking to ya.... LOL..great shot!

msperk 2219 days ago

live your best life, if hanging out with cows is the way to go then go for it.

flubbaflabba 2219 days ago

awesome i love cows!!!

AmberHawkins3 2219 days ago

Hope you didn't spend it with cow pie lol

Coolcube 2225 days ago

Brown cow: so, i told becky to... uh god it's ellen agin... just pretend she's not there... maybe she goes away.(mad luv ellen)

honk4peace 2225 days ago

son called the brown ones chocolate milk cows.