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100,000 no duck size horses for you guys

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2012 days ago

100,000 no duck size horses for you guys


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JuliaCarter_ 1878 days ago

Hahaha you are the best ;)

GraceLT 1880 days ago

okay then maybe it isn't edited :P

GraceLT 1880 days ago

gyus haha its blatantly edited :D

HeyItsClaudiiaA 1912 days ago

u have 179,245 followers and u're only following 58 -.-

xxdreamer15xx 1913 days ago

yer'right !

EbonyButcher 1932 days ago

how comes it says your followin 225 and now on ur twitter it says 45 hmm :L

brittany_iesu 1989 days ago

im one of them! ahahha....... why wudnt i b !

Un1que_C0rn 1989 days ago

and to think i am one of them ;) <3

Shann_Graham 2006 days ago

im one of theeem !:)Xxx

_vishigor 2006 days ago

100.000 :O ... MEU DEUS :x

UruguayLovesJBi 2006 days ago

dee mas ;) -

ThatOneGirlJade 2006 days ago

yeah but yu dont even follow back

justinjieber 2006 days ago


MeowHazza 2006 days ago

hahahah chaz <3 u deserve thiss <3 i love yah ma man <3

__ItsMary 2006 days ago

wooow i love u chaaz :) ahah ok u not remember me? :/ ahah follow me please Chaaz :)

iSmileForBieb 2007 days ago

you deserve to get more followers.<3. ur awesome

Cyrielle_L 2008 days ago

Wooh, it's crazy the number of person who wants to talk to you. It must be boring not to be quiet, right?

I_LuV_OwL_CiTy 2008 days ago

follow me chazzz

everybodydies_ 2008 days ago

Don't follow me !

______lele 2008 days ago