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Flyleaf started in James Culpepper's garage which is where we still practice and write songs.

I can't believe this!-Sameer

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2359 days ago

I can't believe this!-Sameer


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neosinan 2355 days ago

lol but is this posible :)

ErinBieber21 2356 days ago

amazing! :) wow! ♥

emilyditton58 2357 days ago

Emasym, thats 3 ppl praying for you =)

nicoledarst 2358 days ago

Emasym, that's two people praying for you.
So beautiful =] If only every sunset was this perfect

area51manah 2358 days ago


LolaDead 2358 days ago

wow amazing!

imadanger 2359 days ago

Amazing! haha

Emasym_ 2359 days ago

KaylinVictoria, I'm sure I'll live longer because of that. Or I'll get hit by a bus, w/e happens.

KaylinVictoria 2359 days ago

Ohhh, So Gorgeous!
I'm praying for you Emasym_ ;just so ya know. =]

Emasym_ 2359 days ago

Lol at all the Godfags.

vidamadkins 2359 days ago

God is beautiful and in every amazing thing around us....

smitten97 2359 days ago

Holy crap that's beautiful!!! But what is it that e\/eryone is seeing? I can't see it.

NinaLee_CherryB 2359 days ago

People are seeing something in this pic that I'm not. Perhaps someone else can explain

apology89 2359 days ago

common in Brownsville, but till beautiful

Rodrifan 2359 days ago

so beautiful.. just perfect

DTESTER24 2359 days ago

That is almost as cool as a double rainbow, or even a triple rainbow. Whoa dude.

JimmyG_NYC 2359 days ago

sorta looks like George Washington looking upward

marahmanda 2359 days ago

that is one hell of a sight!!!

littlefoot_4490 2359 days ago

Our God is greater, our God is stronger
God You are higher than any other
Our God is Healer, awesome in power
Our God, Our God… (chris tomlin)

anatwo2 2359 days ago

Our God is Great! It's beautiful!!!