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Had to rock the shave during the summer

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1754 days ago

Had to rock the shave during the summer


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allansara 1752 days ago

LAV it

yojinnn 1753 days ago

looking younger >.< cute!! haha

yousmile4 1753 days ago

ㅋㅋㅋ 어머나 ~ 진짜 중딩이었네 ~덤파아자씨

tequiero_G 1753 days ago

Coooooool guy kkk =D thats nice

Roiaa 1754 days ago

good looking ;)

xoxsharon 1754 days ago

looking younger :P ?

blackscholar 1754 days ago

u look weird

vvvicc 1754 days ago

extra korean

MissingYou0425 1754 days ago


AomeneZ 1754 days ago

lol...looks so young

yoonyeo 1754 days ago

LOL i thought was saying you look like a good dough. Thought you do. ^*~ cute.

BobiBoPeep 1754 days ago

O_O OMG!!! so...hairless... O_o lol! but you look good though! :3

Jwalkerspirit 1754 days ago

u look so young ;-) like it

knisamohd 1754 days ago

am lovin' it!

adaahyaudin 1754 days ago

makes u look all young n fresh..wit the 'tee its makes u look intellectual n kinda sexy..ah well..

alfredpoprock 1754 days ago

little boy from koreatown ,LA : Introduce your name.

prisyang 1754 days ago

WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! thats all i have to say.

kim8363 1754 days ago

you look a lot better without the facial hair! i like the summer look. :)

KhUNF 1754 days ago

Omg, I'm not use to it! But, it looks really good.. you look so much younger, LOL.

boo8686 1754 days ago