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I made a couple more items for my area. You can be sure they won't be easy to get.

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2016 days ago

I made a couple more items for my area. You can be sure they won't be easy to get.


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Selanoth 1898 days ago

please have this open for a few months more I have almost all totems I bed you please

Riszhen 1950 days ago

plzzzzzz makeee the swordd rare i beg you plz

Zaodlen 1961 days ago

did you even ever consider of making shadowfire knight of miltonius?

Zaodlen 1963 days ago

Looks same like void of miltonius

Zaodlen 1965 days ago

I just like tha blade and armor but not the glowing orb, i already have this armor

thank you am a non-member

Nihilmus 1965 days ago

Did you ever consider creating a DragonLord of Miltonius?

Zaodlen 1972 days ago

Super! but i dont like the helm

Ryth1k 1980 days ago

WICKED Dont change the drop rate hope your future weapons are just as hard i have this blade EPIC!

XxthelightxX 1980 days ago

epic as always sooo epic

DyzjAE 1980 days ago

NOTE : These are ridiculos for the drop rate of essences lawl they need at least x10 drop rate

Plague_AE 1993 days ago

Maybe Dark Makais could have a chance to drop MORE than one essence or MORE monsters could drop them?

Plague_AE 1994 days ago

Miltonius, I want to ask, could you don't make it dissappear and change that quest reward with other items as mentioned, cause it'll need alot of time to get it for me. For other items could it be and other quest? I'm begging you...

1c3AE 2008 days ago

I already have this.

WolfScarIII 2010 days ago

Dragonblade FTW.

9dragons3 2010 days ago

man that sword is so epic, and the swords are pretty much 600 trophies since u need the 2 other item

DisturbedAE 2012 days ago

Hmm dont know if this is already said but u need the two 500 Tropy blades for this blade why not make a fiting armor with it with gold and dragon heads CC other colors that need the 2 Tropy armors that would be nice :) but overall i love ur work i think u

miltoniusfollow 2012 days ago

I think, me and many other having it already is the biggest proof its not that hard to get.

miltoniusfollow 2012 days ago

lesser version of it, or maybe make this one cc. Thx for reading this, i appreciate ur work ^_^

miltoniusfollow 2012 days ago

it less expensive. PLZ DON'T DO THAT. Some ppl spend much time on getting it, you should make a

miltoniusfollow 2012 days ago

Miltonius, i'm a big fan of the new items, i have the armor already. Many Ppl are begging to make