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thought is seen it all...chocolate covered bacon... #fb

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2180 days ago

thought is seen it all...chocolate covered bacon... #fb


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lanasan 2172 days ago

Tell me this doesn't look like a #nascar or indy car wreck. Asphalt behind it. Fans in the distance behind the fence. Happy I don't see a #.

lab1613 2173 days ago

might be good-never had it!!

IL_dbfan 2176 days ago

Only at the Mississippi Valley Fair. Your show was totally awesome!!! Please come back soon.

ddritzenhein 2178 days ago

Interesting Photo

Gibsonfan55 2179 days ago

Welcome to Davenport, IA! the Great Mississippi Valley Fair!!! Chocolate covered Bacon, Fried Twinkies, Fried Snickers, Fried Oreos... It's America! lol You put on an amazing show again here in Davenport! Please Come Back!

jessparizek 2179 days ago

Welcome to Iowa!

Alissa_Grace 2179 days ago

sick lol!!!

corgigirl 2179 days ago

OMG, yuck!!!

Mrsteqbud1 2179 days ago

Only in Davenport Iowa!!!.. It was a GREAT SHOW last night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tlp0927 2179 days ago

Have to admit I thought it would be gross....but its awesome! Two great tastes that taste great together!!!!!

jennay781 2179 days ago

chocolate? good. bacon? goooood. Call me weird, but i think it would be delicious.

Crybabymel 2179 days ago

My two favorite things,but that just seems wrong. Still, I'd probably eat it.

CTcowgirl 2179 days ago

So how was it?? Looks kinda gross in this pic dude lol

marycoleen 2179 days ago

Omg thought I seen it all sooo how yummy is dis

deltadawn83 2180 days ago

So tell us....did you taste it?? Doesn't look to yummy to me.

roberthutcheson 2180 days ago

Dierks are you recommending it? You concert tonight was fabulous. Usual Great performance.- Thanks you are the greatest performer.

beachbum1108 2180 days ago

<------ ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww bacon!!! {says the vegetarian}

sweetz133 2180 days ago

Mississippi Valley Fair?! Wish I could have went and watched the show! never heard of this, yuck!

leahluvsdierks 2180 days ago

Only at the Mississippi Valley Fair!! =) Loved the show tonight! So glad I got to meet you!! Thank you!

CassieBelle92 2180 days ago

That looks so nasty lol.