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1483 days ago


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RiicardoKings 1049 days ago

Quiero muffins así!

Tasnim_PeaceOut 1230 days ago

:) Yummy In My Tummy..........

stanley7james 1370 days ago


designbydaniel 1429 days ago

Love it!

brcbiel 1457 days ago

isto é uma obra de arte by google

juneroskell 1469 days ago


MarianelaN 1479 days ago


xattabych 1480 days ago

Yum! I want one!

kaanozden 1482 days ago


Aldouz 1482 days ago

is it tasty ? :]

suzannethetiger 1482 days ago

Haters are just jealous they didn't get to eat one!

jak2rocks 1482 days ago


andrewdmck 1482 days ago

someone's got too much time on their hands

TamaraMiskovic 1482 days ago

mmm yummy :)))

M1k3yR 1482 days ago

Thats my favourite cup cake ever!! xD

eydreeehn 1482 days ago

Yes, It's yellow cake batter I colored. I'm glad most of you are enjoying the eye candy...

dimab 1482 days ago

does it cost as much as a google stock share?

pkcurrie 1482 days ago

Nice to tweet. Not nice to eat. :)

helaura 1482 days ago

This cupcake sits at the cubicle next to me... even better in real life! the others were delicious so i imagine this one is too :)

EsraTe 1482 days ago

Cool & Yummy