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I made some items for the Shadow.

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2211 days ago

I made some items for the Shadow.


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Riszhen 2144 days ago

its better without da outline

imxfallenx2 2170 days ago

im blind irate the sword 10000 the armour=110000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

AmTimmy 2210 days ago


GryfinXG 2210 days ago

Today, I believe, Commander.

Commander_Doom 2210 days ago

is these new armors in game, will be relased soon?

Dracorath 2210 days ago

Totally awesome.. would be even more epic if this was CC

Thano9 2211 days ago

Nice armor but you should put the shadowsythe symbol on it instead of member/swordhaven symbol, other than that it's epic!

kargouel 2211 days ago

Can you do this less diamonds and more totems in order to get? Also I like that it's ornate colored

Asaillius 2211 days ago

The sword's sporting the emblem of swordhaven the capital of good

Asaillius 2211 days ago

you know whats funny guy that said not enough evil?

Walker_of_Death 2211 days ago

Teh shadow sword is smaller than the others. :\ Did you notice that? :b

LoreDSL 2211 days ago

And btw! To all it could be non-mem tho it got the mem sign! Why? Hmm.. Take a look at Swordhaven Adept!

LoreDSL 2211 days ago

Shadow is the best of the three!

Chaoselemental 2211 days ago

hey miltonius, can you make the shadow set from AQ? I jus wanna see how you would make it, even though it will be in MA import system

RazEvangalion 2211 days ago

Looking good, armor could use a tad darker color though, and maybe some larger boots.

SpectralClerus 2211 days ago

omg' simply amazing! XD

Darkhydra1_AE 2211 days ago

or tercessuinotlim but i love it miltonius

Syrtees 2211 days ago


Darkhydra1_AE 2211 days ago

oooooooh i think i know what i think those 2 armors are for there for evil or good rep

LeoAQW 2211 days ago

Are these going to be the PvP rewards, or items to another area?