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21 going on 74...

A carnival at big time rush today!! Takin me back to 8th grade....

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1938 days ago

A carnival at big time rush today!! Takin me back to 8th grade....


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kristypenabtr 1904 days ago

cant see :)#WherAreYouNow :)cant see him its to blury

bigtimerush55 1918 days ago

is that a ep or a real

Taylorfreak13 1935 days ago

Hi katelyn im a huge fan please reply

Angi3Bx0x 1938 days ago

From what i see Kendall looks gorgeous! Like always! <3

ThatGirlZulema 1938 days ago

i see the guys!

JoPayneSchmidt 1938 days ago


HeffronDriver 1938 days ago

Looks like they're preforming! Can't wait! <3

SierraNSmith 1938 days ago

Logan is so cute

24kmp 1938 days ago

the boys are singing yay :D

RissyNicole 1938 days ago

OMG Carnivals and BTR... TOGETHER!!!!! Heaven...

riniepinky 1938 days ago

what episode is that??

SamJBMckenzie 1938 days ago


CoverGirlJenny 1938 days ago


claremag 1938 days ago

<3 .

BTRonEllen 1938 days ago

love the pic:D are those the boys dancing there?:] it looks like it! i soo want to see this episode!!

ErsonVM 1938 days ago

Awesome, i say again: cant wait to see this ep, but as i`m in colombia, have to wait tooo muuchhhh!!!!

xDessyBear 1938 days ago

ahhh their dancing i see kendall i love him.. follo me please

Tayy_RipCity12 1938 days ago

I cant wait for season 2!! From all the pics i've seen, they all look really good! Super Excited!! : )

DdlovatoMaslow 1938 days ago

woahh ! cool !

mayachelsie 1938 days ago

gahh! so awesome! very excited for the season! :)