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2122 days ago


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WTFDillman 2122 days ago

Can I get fries with that?

PhillyFran 2122 days ago

that is fugly

potfblog 2122 days ago

I think the Flames are trying to sell a faux-heritage with this jersey.. or perhaps just orange pop.

markjstewart 2122 days ago

I LIKE IT. It's a nod to Calgary's rich hockey heritage.

lscapinello80 2122 days ago

first the laughable signing of jokinen now this jersey........what's going on in cowtown?

heyitskenisha 2122 days ago

...Didnt know that Harry Potter played for the Calgary Flames... Was this a recent trade. :)

DaviesJordan 2122 days ago

Go Griffindor????

Bev_Burrell 2122 days ago


ttuckertweets 2122 days ago

is this some sort of McJoke? McNo? McBrutal. Get a McFocus group next time....

KyleSidhu 2122 days ago

Nice Jersey not that bad it about the game not about the Jersey and it isnt that bad pretty good Go Flames

realjasonstru 2122 days ago

should have went with an old school "Calgary" across the front instead of the C. Not bad though.

KillamAll 2122 days ago

Calgary Tigers represent yo

Seanfranchise6 2122 days ago

Wow, wasn't expecting this. That's a WAYback sweater. 1920's Calgary Tigers.......

madhi19 2122 days ago

Should that shirt had an A instead of a C?

thanatoxin 2122 days ago

Liking it, but only knowing that it's a throwback not to be used every game.

BrianHalverson_ 2122 days ago

That thing is a complete disaster! It's so laughably repulsive. Is that the best they could do?

joeyfumar 2122 days ago


mattbritton76 2122 days ago

it looks like a throwback to the Calgary Tigers of the 1920s. interesting design for sure

ACOOK666 2122 days ago

That is quite possibly the worst design they could have used.

ThomasJHudon 2122 days ago

bada ba ba ba.....I'm loving it?