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Just a thin stitch up against the rising line.

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We had a band t-shirt design contest on the bus. This was our fav. Reply and tell us if you'd wear it!

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1436 days ago

We had a band t-shirt design contest on the bus. This was our fav. Reply and tell us if you'd wear it!


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sugerkat 1383 days ago

Which 'bus passenger' gets the credit?

TheCille 1429 days ago

I'd prefer it with text only, actually.

sugerkat 1430 days ago

LOVE it....needs a rose, a briar and a ghost.

jackieschofield 1433 days ago

It is dark, but very direct!;)

TheCille 1433 days ago

That os sor HardKorr - I would wear it for sure!

Could you show us some opf the other contestants please?

SmackieOnassis 1434 days ago

I would wear this so hard. It would be all kinds of on my body, shielding me from nudity.

in_greenglasses 1434 days ago

I'm all about blue.

hippiechick3462 1434 days ago

love it! It really needs to be "Oxblood red", though.

end1212 1434 days ago

love it!

CAMPFIRESKY2 1434 days ago

I'd rather have a XXL LANTERN shirt! You really need bigger sizes dude.

binarypair 1435 days ago

Awesome, picked up the Lantern T in Cincy last night. Show was hot as hell, but well worth it.

erika_lew 1436 days ago

Have one ready tomorrow in Nashville, and I'll put it on right away. :)

fixapony 1436 days ago

The guys would. But I still want a cute little "curse" mummy peeking out of the pocket like Kilroy!

kmc121 1436 days ago

when they heard Delia was dead didn't all the gentlemen dress in red? make the shirt red?

gwilsonproject 1436 days ago

reverse the colors. .. .dark type on white shirt -i'd wear it. see you in nyc soon

wmweinhold 1436 days ago

YES I WOULD WEAR THIS IN A HEARTBEAT! Bring on the folksy tee cognitive dissonance.

dwilson94 1436 days ago

I agree, It does like a heavy metal band t-shirt.....Looks like it needs some more work....

viccliang 1436 days ago

it looks the shirt for a bad metal band. please find something with better art.

ElizaCorlett 1436 days ago

Nice idea but so restrained it sits on the fence. I'd go for DEATH TO FOLK or... Folk Birdbath?

dcichoracki 1436 days ago

I don't like it.