kellie pickler



hanging w/Boots :)

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2364 days ago

hanging w/Boots :)


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iluvcarrie12 2355 days ago

OMG! He looks just like some people I know snake. Is it a phython?

brieluvspickler 2359 days ago

:O That is scary.

Lucieflo87 2360 days ago

lol. nothing to do. I'm always afraid of these animals.

kaitieeeeee 2362 days ago

this is crazy!!!! i would be so scared -_-

_kirkir_ 2362 days ago

Boots has gotten so big..very cute

WyReba96 2362 days ago

Awww he is smiling for the camera :) too cute -

janetmclark 2363 days ago

man boots has grown!

MissLexiBieber 2363 days ago

ohh hes gorgeous! just like u! :D can't ait for ur concert tomorrow

KimbyL46 2363 days ago

I have a ball python just like that!!

gnomedruid 2363 days ago

Gorgeous snake!!! <3

claudiaquat 2363 days ago

Do you call him "Boots" 'cause ya got plans for him?

MandieKae7 2363 days ago

Omg! haha Hi Boots! My best friend keeps saying "can we get a snake they're so cute!" I tell her no then I think of you Kellie hahaha

Jessie_Santillo 2363 days ago

Cute! I want one but I'm pretty sure my mother would lets see um kill me! Lol Luv ya!

Sierrabarrett23 2363 days ago

Aww Kellie it's so cute! I wish I had a snake!

Cocolicquot 2363 days ago

what lovely markings; kellie pickler is so charming she can disarm snakes - a considerable gift

Vernon_J_ 2363 days ago

I like boots, #snakes are Awesome!!!

LuvUTaylorS 2363 days ago

Ha was right u have no impulse control at all ha dats de same snake from de vid wow it has gotten so big soon enough it will be de same height as u ha ur so mad & funny dats y we luv u much

BelaAngel 2363 days ago


polosolo 2364 days ago

I am glade your with Boots .Snakes give me the creeps !!!!

StepOnACake 2364 days ago

That is soooo cool!!! I would love to have a pet snake!!! :) :) :)