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bieladi 1938 days ago

Hey pakreecekennedy , Maybe it's: a plus k, for Ashtons' initials? That would be my guess. Cute! Like him!!! :)

bieladi 1938 days ago

He looks like he's made of chocolate!!

DJGHAMED 1938 days ago

um its kinda funny

iEdwinRivera 1938 days ago


EsperantoBr 1938 days ago

What ??? :-( #BadJoke

shawndw1000 1938 days ago

ya..really don't think it's funny at all. Not a good idea to make fun of Joe Pa or Penn State.

brek07 1938 days ago

I've seen that statue in person like hundreds of times :)

Edson_Macedo 1938 days ago

hey asthon kutcher litlle fish You just follow me when I'm famous ,or have humility for me to remain

pakreecekennedy 1938 days ago

whats with aplusk...? it sounds like kerplonk...? the noise me shit makes as it hits the bowl...?

tamwilliford 1938 days ago

Breakfast of champions!

thetrooper_me 1938 days ago

new album with a film first look.....

WipidoFlipido 1938 days ago


Lopexxx 1938 days ago

omg lolzord

BiebsGanstaSwag 1938 days ago

Jajajaja so funny!! XD