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Gene got a trophy! Worlds worst golpher!!

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2395 days ago

Gene got a trophy! Worlds worst golpher!!


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EliteAndBright 2388 days ago

i thought tiger woods should get it, but .. ya know.. elise got 3/4 of a billion..

CarolRus 2394 days ago

lol all it needs is him in his kiss outfit on top :P

Seonkido 2394 days ago

Amazing. Perhaps, he shouldn't trade his bass for a new set of clubs?

villaguy 2394 days ago

Oh poor Gene!!! Sorry we missed you while you were here in Portland!!

TDMOLINARI 2394 days ago

But world's smartest businessman!!

winstonarntz 2395 days ago

and it is as ugly as it should be...Dr. Golf will take lessons now?

Photocrazy1 2395 days ago

Like I said yesterday,. hope the film crew got lots of footage, to make a montage!

nataliecubbage 2395 days ago

Haha! Way to go Gene!! We still love ya! Haha!!!!

CdnHockeyChic 2395 days ago

Ha ha, poor Gene. Well, at least he got something.

sbarenbrugge 2395 days ago

YAY!! Way to go Gene!

melmorrisseau 2395 days ago

Hahahhahahahaa...right on...that's hilair.

delightfulmess 2395 days ago

Nothing like rubbing it in... bwahahahahaha

Sylkyn 2395 days ago


GinnyWinderman 2395 days ago

That's a pretty nice losers prize...nothing wrong with that:)

FindingSarah 2395 days ago

hahahah :)

rockincanegirl 2395 days ago

LMAO awesome!

brown_eyedangel 2395 days ago

Way to least you didn't give up!!!

DanielKrajeski 2395 days ago

I disagree that should go to Charles Barkley. : D

HannahMatthau 2395 days ago

hey at least he got a trophy so he'll probably be happy anyway! haha CONGRATS!!! :P

_cactusflower_ 2395 days ago

Awwww poor Gene..that would be mine had I been playing. Good sport Gene!