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I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

Editing room 8/2.  Big changes. Still at 1:43ish length. My summer job on Larry CROWNE. Hanx

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1577 days ago

Editing room 8/2. Big changes. Still at 1:43ish length. My summer job on Larry CROWNE. Hanx


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billweinman 1525 days ago

What? No Movieola?

FollowTammy 1527 days ago

There is nothing like an editing room that looks raw like this...feels like home!!

hayley30 1528 days ago

just watching angels and demons...and the kids are watching you hanks you are the greatest :)

AzaCross 1528 days ago

Can't wait to see it!!! :D Love youu Hanx!!!

banjodancing2 1534 days ago

I love your work Tom Hanks; bt this pic just proves that the actual process of making films is like watching paint dry

TEMPUSURFER 1534 days ago

4:45ish and still at 1:43ish......Patty

sohaashoor 1551 days ago

sigh I love your movies. you are the greatest and classiest actor of our time. i just saw 'catch me if you can' last night for the hundreth time. thank you!

Clashero 1552 days ago

Driving da Fiesta? Mine is fully loaded w/3 Mariachis in the back & runs on frijoles-Nick the cook-

masheter 1553 days ago

Advantage Rita, volleyballs can't pour coffee.

sophiagilberto 1554 days ago

Wish I was there xoxoxo

p2epresley 1555 days ago

everyone loves hanx!!

cdahlk2001 1558 days ago

Tom look for me manana on set! wanna get a autograph for my son. his birthday monday! ill be wearing a cheesehead! look for me please!

Rossfilms 1566 days ago

Why, that looks like ALAN CODY sitting in the editor's chair!

j1966f 1568 days ago

The main thing - fragrant coffee, instead of a room .And good mark of coffee!

iamflo4ever 1569 days ago


mattovo 1570 days ago

This better be good, Tom! :P

EvanescaReality 1570 days ago

Enjoying your coffee, I see. Awesome, can't wait to see Larry Crowne!

dharam_75 1570 days ago

my friend, hanks ! U r briliyant ! Good job. Thank u.

lorialef 1570 days ago

My son was one of the background judo people :-) !!

Andrew_Goddard8 1571 days ago

best actor everrr!!!!