Kevin Butler


As VP at PlayStation, I’m a man of the people. And the people need help. Stubborn spouse? Divided family? PS3 deprived? Rest easy. Kevin’s here.

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1799 days ago


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Benrafer 1797 days ago

LMAO Milo I never thought anywhere outside Jamaica got this lol this is so kool

DASnull 1798 days ago

marmite sounds like it can melt through steel D:

Synoptikal 1798 days ago

KB is that awesome that he probably loves AND hates Marmite!

_Age_ 1798 days ago

Are you surprised? KB+Anything or nothing=Awesome.

delphijunkie 1799 days ago

I hope KB cherishes the Pineapple Lumps. They were a gift from God,

Aromaci 1799 days ago

Marmite - Eww...

Goro87 1799 days ago

Toffee Pops are yummy.

wdfowty 1799 days ago

Of course they would send you a season of Flight of the Concords. Better be Blu-ray!

JohnnyGoober 1799 days ago

Flight of the Conchords AND foreign treats!!! YOU R WINNER!!!

limesimme 1799 days ago

MARMIIIIIITE-- NOOOOOOO! Flight of the Conchords are good though.

Morphine16 1799 days ago