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brain MRI. any guesses? how about patient's symptoms? #medicalmystery

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2248 days ago

brain MRI. any guesses? how about patient's symptoms? #medicalmystery


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docfan1 2239 days ago

I beilieve that it looks like either a stroke or cancer

laurie214jch 2247 days ago

Showed this to my doctor this morning and he had no idea. However, he's a GP not a neurologist. Hopefully my neural. would know. Glad my MRIs didn't look like this.

pantzonfire 2247 days ago

Pituitary adenoma. So bitemporal hemianopia and systemic sx related to type of cell.

yasmeenrauf 2247 days ago

Pituitary macroadenoma with apoplexy. Symptoms will be headache, visual difficulty & pituitary dysfunction

FinaNina 2248 days ago

Craniopharingioma. Vision problems inc. peripheral vision defects

GV888 2248 days ago

Appears like a craniopharyngioma pushing into the third ventricle.

fabulousSHE 2248 days ago

pituitary adenoma-Cushing's Disease?high bp, obesity, diabetes, mood issues, striae, and 70+ other symptoms

FaceLiftMD 2248 days ago

looks like craniopharyngioma, may possible be removed via nose, performed here at George Washington #GWH

merliu2 2248 days ago

As a blind person I know how much it sucks to get them

mermaidkim220 2248 days ago

Kind of brain -tumor? It would be blind and have a frequent headaches or migrines.
Probable slowed speech, diphtherial symptoms. Just guess.

sandydion 2248 days ago

shaken baby

JamiePGH 2248 days ago

Pt would be blind, It's pushing on the optic chiasm, I think. Pituitary tumor I believe

pmclen01 2248 days ago

Pituitary tumor? Probably some wicked hormonal shifts - stunted growth?

jabbablinkss 2248 days ago

cancer of the brain stem? trauma to the brain stem resulting from car accident perhaps?