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Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...

Just took this on a cabbage town st- my favorite pic of the day

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1757 days ago

Just took this on a cabbage town st- my favorite pic of the day


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_ellair 1446 days ago

this picture is fab ;) literally

andreagamito 1447 days ago

.love you Ian

julsparshutkina 1629 days ago

Your mom great woman !!! I congratulate her !!! 32 !!! Good jop .... Thanks Somerhalder mom for so smart, beautiful and just good man, like Ian !!!

hufflebieber 1659 days ago

haha nice =)

_LisaBia_ 1679 days ago

funny.......love you Ian:)

m_lenka 1736 days ago

haha nice ;D

Amylove93 1739 days ago

hi-hi xD

my song:
♥ Cobra Starship - Hot mess♥

Carina_n_roll 1741 days ago

really funny x'D

lexicarlton45 1748 days ago

lol. thts funny

madyechelon 1749 days ago

ahhh!! i hate british pretoleum...u r so rigth!

afournet 1749 days ago

so cool that you live near Cabbagetown; you and I were friends when we were 5/6 - I'm from Lacombe.

YepItsTrue_ 1750 days ago

sorry but i can't understand it...;(

jabberwocky999 1751 days ago

Haha! I love it!! It's no less than they deserve, I figure.

rtersteege 1752 days ago


claudripamonti 1752 days ago

It makes me sick that this oil spill has killed thousands and thousands of animals, and yet they say on t.v. everything will go back to normal in a decade from now. Give me a fucking break.

MollyKaneOlson 1752 days ago

I agree. That company is evil. F BP.

olgalysyuk 1752 days ago

haha. great one :D

inesmackelbert 1753 days ago

Does anyone knows what application is this? PLEASE!!!

MisaYagami1984 1754 days ago

very nice pic ian <3

xDanniPhantomx 1755 days ago

lol! night tweets.