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the disappointing sequel

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2198 days ago

the disappointing sequel


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curseofthefurse 2195 days ago

Not disappointing at all.

Xenjn_Warp 2198 days ago

DX Waaahh~ You're only two states to the right of me~!! ...Uh, I think. *Goes to check a map* Well lets see, I'm in AZ...then there'
s NM...YUP. Two states... DX SO CLOSE YET SO FAR. I think I might cry, really. T_T

By the way...Cute pants. ^__^

Maraconover 2198 days ago


Smaulren 2198 days ago

I like the stripey pj pants. I dont think this is disapointing. Best of both worlds? Cabert and Cosey?

SnaggleBandit 2198 days ago

welcome to the texas freeway system. i know her well.

foolspawn 2198 days ago

i lol'd

vonnie_bee 2198 days ago

But much more comfy.

hom0milk 2198 days ago

Yay ^_^ I see I-10!!! And when you get to House of Blues I promise you a BIG hug ^_^

bimbobread 2198 days ago


rynia 2198 days ago

Hope the I-10 stretch isn't too horrid for y'all. Super-excited about seeing you Sunday night!

Leahmonster138 2198 days ago


kurtismarsh 2198 days ago

good thing I dont have a foot fetish

sourlullabies 2198 days ago

haha nice replication. Aren't you concerned about the foot fetish people though?

NickAHernandez 2198 days ago

the left lane is for passing only missy! :p

calanree 2198 days ago

have fun in n'awlins! can't wait to feed you in st. pete next week.

DuneBaydoun 2198 days ago

Title of next solo album? (joking)

retswerb 2198 days ago

The drive from Austin to NOLA is L O N G. Be glad you're not driving!

lovehound 2198 days ago

Toez. U r doin' it rite.

KaH_was_taken 2198 days ago

not disappointing! U might actually get some sleep, do u remember sleep? U could leav the fishnets on underneath like at the Melbourne Slumber Party... Not as comfy though I'm sure.

NikkiPinder 2198 days ago

stripes iz still good...fishnets summit else