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Reading this when the commercial for Kourtney & Khloe in Miami comes on with Scott going insane.  The @BretEastonEllis influence lives!

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1640 days ago

Reading this when the commercial for Kourtney & Khloe in Miami comes on with Scott going insane. The influence lives!


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MariaAllegra 1538 days ago

Don`t read the book till now...loved the Movie with Christian Bale...what do you think about the Movie?

WhyDontULuvMe 1620 days ago

I read that book...crazy Christian Bale kicked ass in that part...As for Scott he should get an original idea.

ttynbxtch 1624 days ago

This comment cracks me up.

MollyDargavell 1630 days ago

There is a way that Scott is crazy enough to be Bateman. The Clothes...the slicked back hair. uncanny

krisco421 1631 days ago

Excellent novel...purchasing it in sydney on the other hand is like getting interrogated for murder.....not to mention the challege I faced with the bubblewrap then shirnk wrap...never the less great novel

nixskits 1632 days ago

This was 1 more film Michael O'Donoghue belonged in! National Lampoon's influence at it's most savage!!

gastrids 1638 days ago

Scott actually said he was Patrick Bateman when phone pranking Kim once.

LineBehr 1640 days ago

I heard they want to do a musical from American Psycho in Broadway ! That's my favorite book and yes ! Scott could be a Patrick Bateman !

PansyPansy91 1640 days ago

dood! best book EVER! it made me sick so you know its good :)

reggiebot 1640 days ago

I think U look okay in that beard as long as U keep it that length. Is that UR BED? or couch/
RU alone?

angela1106 1640 days ago

love that book, there is no way Scott is crazy enough to be Patrick Bateman lol!

StephLorenzo 1640 days ago


sincerelyjenny 1640 days ago

This is my favorite combination of things since Christoph and his BlueBerry.

ChristaSauce 1640 days ago

The book was great, but Scott looks eerily similar to the movie version of Paul Allen; too funny!

KaaS_300 1640 days ago

OMG!! You have beard again! Congratulations!!.. And btw, that's one hell of a book! I'm reading it for the 3rd time ;D

NathnRossMurphy 1640 days ago

The first time I saw Scott from that show I immediately thought Patrick Bateman, it's uncanny.

Almost_Coolx 1640 days ago

I'm reading that after 'The Brothers Karamazov' and 'Crime and Punishment'

yes, I have a list.

wiebusch 1640 days ago

one of my faves. and i swear i've got the same edition, lol.

Rachel_Ackley 1640 days ago

I've had every intention of reading this, but I'm currently reading A Clockwork Orange.