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Barrichello & Schumacher battle for position on the main straight at the Hungarian GP 2010

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2368 days ago

Barrichello & Schumacher battle for position on the main straight at the Hungarian GP 2010


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ianmrees 2363 days ago

Is there a picture of any tyre marks on the walls after this? Schuey should quit?

_speedingticket 2365 days ago

Nearly ouch but not quite, proof of Schuey's skill or fortunate the pit wall ran decide!

OopsyDaisyF1 2366 days ago

Proof that Schumacher NEVER should have come back to #F1, the man has ALWAYS been a danger!

damnuwench 2366 days ago

this really does show how much pressure is on schumi to regain his seat for next year. The relaxed front he puts to the camera is masking it well, till he does this on the track.

userbadshah 2366 days ago

MS thot he wont do it.... so he kept his line by sliding in wall.... nd alwys dat smile on face...

jwylie 2366 days ago

Thanks for the pic - very cool

Welshracer 2366 days ago

I don't recall Senna pushing another driver into the wall.

guscca 2366 days ago

What is Rubens moaning about. Michael never crossed the white racing line and he was leading Rubens. He had the choice to back off or risk it. He chose the latter and well done to him, but please don't have a go at schumacher for giving him space on the c

Poloman78 2366 days ago

Schumacher may have gone a little far THIS time, but Senna did this sort of thing for a living and was made an idol!! Oh how times change.

AaronReynoldsUK 2366 days ago

shows what a fantastic driver Rubens is - he kept it off the wall, off Schumacher and didn't yield

Thomasdu24570 2366 days ago


Ginkie56 2366 days ago

Oh well, Michael's said sorry I guess its ok then.....NOT ENOUGH

motorsporttweet 2366 days ago

It's the same schumacher without the skill he used to have. More of a danger now.

rovingkev 2366 days ago

Grid penalty is no punishment, he should stay behind after crowd gone home to pick up litter.

INapta 2367 days ago

Pela tv eu não tinha percebido como tava tão perto! o_o

CoraMcNabb 2367 days ago

Proof. Schumey really is The Stig, and is trying to kill Rubens for beating him. We're on to you!

forester72 2367 days ago

nice pic, Schumacher should have been black flagged during the race for that move

hidav818 2367 days ago

once rubens is along side why try to push him to the wall heat of the moment or cold and caluclated

MouldyMotors 2367 days ago

Text should say "Should have gone to Specsavers Schumi you have left me 5mm to much room!"

raulgullon 2367 days ago

One of the best pictures you've ever taken. Wow!