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blowing this effing popsicle stand

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2718 days ago

blowing this effing popsicle stand


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curseofthefurse 2715 days ago

Stockings* My bad.

curseofthefurse 2715 days ago

Omg I have those stocking! Niiiice.

silvermelinda 2717 days ago

I think these are my favorite AFP legs. Though, the PJ's a quite nice too ^.^

PixelTreason 2718 days ago

Yay! You'll be in South Florida in a week!

foolspawn 2718 days ago

nets fetish + AFP = unfair tease! :(

FicIncarnate 2718 days ago

Enjoy the drive, it's a nice short one.
See you at the show tomorrow :D

battlecircus 2718 days ago

hope you made it out in one piece, hey look I learned how to use twitter!

batmansbitch 2718 days ago

can't wait to see you in New Orleans on Sunday.

tracie_mae 2718 days ago

I'm 191 miles away from Houston... See you there. Twitter something fun to do tonight!

Smaulren 2718 days ago

This photo really confused me since we drive on the other side of the road.
Good to know I am not the only one who uses that expression!

Xenjn_Warp 2718 days ago

XD Hey, you're close. XD Come to Arizona~ Hurry before you're too far~!! DX T__T

lovehound 2718 days ago

God, for a minute there I thought this said "blowing this effing popsicle."

strng 2718 days ago

nice legs

wojsvenwoj 2718 days ago

you missed the exit to waco!

myriadlights 2718 days ago

doesn't appear that *any* of these little piggies stayed home...

MacImagery 2718 days ago

Looks like you could play a game of "I'm stepping on your car! Muahahaha!"

thraeryn 2718 days ago

Hope the trip to Houston is simple and safe! We're looking forward to seeing you!

akafrancie 2718 days ago

Riddle me this: How in the World do you manage to wear those and NOT have holes, courtesy of toe nails?

JessyLou22 2718 days ago


DimmiKos 2718 days ago

fishnets are sexy