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Palace of Versailles is the shit

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2019 days ago

Palace of Versailles is the shit


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BasementThrifts 1647 days ago

One day i will see what your talking about

AshleyDelangle 1899 days ago

Oh, and I'm maybe french but I agree : Palace Of Versailles is the shit x)

AshleyDelangle 1899 days ago

I saw you in last week, I was one of the teenagers asking for a photo , I had a Blue cap NY :) Kisses

FaithHahn 2002 days ago

This is the home of my ancestors :)

Ivrydme 2007 days ago

Literally the shit, due to the grand size of the palace, the royals often relieved themselves in the corners and stairwells of the palace, if they couldn't hold it anymore.

LeNoirLivre 2007 days ago

Kanye, tell them, you know something about art

LeNoirLivre 2007 days ago

You cannot sell the art, it's priceless. It's like you sell a soul and souls cannot be sold

Saleire 2007 days ago

Beautiful......but selling one of these statues could feed alot of poor kids out there. It's nice to see......but then I think of all that space and all those homeless kids and it breaks my heart that there is such a big gap between the rich and the poor.

InChampWeTrust 2008 days ago

I've been there , seeing close up how kings n queens lived changes a persons view of wat wealth is

PrinceDurio 2009 days ago


adormitwit 2015 days ago


patrickhsoto 2016 days ago

so you're seeing history, but does it give you class?

RowanMoore 2016 days ago

Socialite BB: if this Marie Antoinette/Louis things happens I guess you'd both be giving head ...

E_th_er 2017 days ago

this pic reminds me so much of the museum at my school.did you take this?

Troyneesha 2018 days ago

went there when i was 17....check out ch√Ęteau de chenonceau....too elegant for words

SocialiteBB 2018 days ago

Okay I'll be Marie Antoinette and you can be Louis :D

DennisHui 2018 days ago

kanye, in like 2 weeks, you got the best twitter on the net. you killing this other twitter n*****

RKavalli 2018 days ago

u aint supposed to be takin pictures in there lol but it IS pretty.

darchand 2018 days ago

yes my thoughts exactly when i was there. "this place is the shit" i said to myself.