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Hungover or drunk. Attempt to be and fail at being eloquent (Especially when the former statement is true). Often make poor fashion decisions.

@TomTheWanted's soup verdict: average at best. But he's hungry, so it's going down- bye Scotland!

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2019 days ago

's soup verdict: average at best. But he's hungry, so it's going down- bye Scotland!


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ohitspurple 1551 days ago

looks great hahaha xxxxxx

EVE_TW_TT 1766 days ago

heheh naaw.

LOTTIE_TW_KA_TJ 1872 days ago

tom u babe but if i was that girl be hind i would fun over and hug u all xx

lauren_emma_TW 1921 days ago

Why is everyone else just sat there normally. I would have gone crazy if i was there :) :D xxxxxxx

MikeysToaster 1946 days ago

I thought you were in Asda there x)

Lucy_Loves_TW 1981 days ago

"ay up mate?did i say i want this 'bloody' soap?!i wanted a cream chicken soap alright?! and make it quick" :P x

robynfoster 1989 days ago

last time i ate soup, i threw up.. just gonna' fill you in.

MillieThorne 1997 days ago

Looks like max is trying to count some change in the back LOL

chloealiceTW 2002 days ago

Hahahaa he does look like Mr Bean. A FIT Mr Bean though :) xxxxx

britt_tomparker 2008 days ago

you actually do look like mrbean i have to say lmao! follow me xxx

PippaHarley 2012 days ago

mr. bean

Kimmiemac_TW 2013 days ago

i seem 2 find him very HOT in this pic nd i don't no wi lol xxxx

CaitlinBieberTW 2014 days ago


haze93_TW 2018 days ago

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Tom your ficking gorgeous!! and i lovely person.... congrats all of you on the #1!!!! party in the street was awsome!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

CherryColaChick 2018 days ago

Haha Tom always makes me laugh! His laugh is awesome lol! :) Congrats on Number 1 Guys!

StephyTW_TK 2018 days ago

u gotta love tom!! but judging by his expression, dat soup dusnt even make average!! haha lol!! :)

hayleyallan_x 2018 days ago

aww he is a babe! bye guys! scotland will miss yous big much:(<3!!

ChloeeeSykes 2018 days ago

Hahaa :L Very fitt even with that expression!!! And Max is very fit next to Tom <3 xxxxxxxxxx

leaanne_TW 2019 days ago

too cute :P

uberfactslauren 2019 days ago

im guessing it wasnt even average by his expression! :L x