arjun rampal


All the worlds a stage and every one plays their part.


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2131 days ago



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Twins_Poland 2121 days ago

so sweet :)

MFK87 2129 days ago

Is this the way u look are becoming god these days.....WTF...!!!

meresapna 2130 days ago

o my god,that mean ball tees him so much,poor cute bebe

SherryMimy 2131 days ago

hehehehehehehehe no plz don't move an inch i'll get it 4 u :) hehehehe

coolannie46 2131 days ago

i think he try to get tht ball... btw nice pic doggy :P

jagibaby 2131 days ago

btw: what is it (the light pink thingy) on her paw here??

jagibaby 2131 days ago

hope, u didnt make her suffer+longing 4 the ball 4 too long ;) such a cutie! thx 4 all these pics!

ItsIndwar 2131 days ago

which breed is it???

KonzentrierteR 2131 days ago

oh dats cute heheh

EgyPandora 2131 days ago

This so bad she can stay like this for hours , sorry I can't help :((

me_sweety 2131 days ago

nice pic

AVB83 2131 days ago

Get her please the ball! The dog looks so sad!

silvia_vivek 2131 days ago


Elviloves_India 2131 days ago

Wonderful dog! I love these rocks, they are very cute and fluffy) haha

zahra1341 2131 days ago

this one is other dog who is female, i dont remember her name. so corious.

Feelicia 2131 days ago

she's trying hypnosis now ;)

decobroad 2131 days ago

You could've taken this shot in my living room. All day we have this situation with our dog...

satya_ps 2131 days ago

ruthha hai kyu raja , kyun hamse khafa hai........

nagarjun2801 2131 days ago

: the doggieee is so sad.....wat happend doggieeee...........nd by da way wats da name of this dog arjun bhai.

devyanidande 2131 days ago

awwwww. so sweet.....