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2623 days ago


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PlanetClaire 2622 days ago

This was brilliant. I was on the front row sat next to the chap with the black top and glasses - I've *just* been missed off!!

jim_taylor 2623 days ago

...nd all of the folks who clearly worked very hard behind the scenes to give so many fans of the show a great (free) day out!

jim_taylor 2623 days ago

I was there, and it was excellent. I'm not a student (booked the day off work) and trekked up from Coventry with my flatmate. Silent running was a great choice of film made even better by the super venue and appreciative audience. Thanks to Simon & Mark a

debdr 2623 days ago

We are SOOO jealous!

bigcolsuffolk 2623 days ago

full of students I see.

takewhat 2623 days ago

Ok, what are their names?

pcharnley 2623 days ago

I see the star...where's the baby Jesus?

biffco 2623 days ago

is the show in 3d?

sparkystep 2623 days ago

Attack of the Clones!

ministock47 2623 days ago

the Hanson brothers get prime seats

Butkin 2623 days ago

Are you sure this isn't a Trekkies convention? Your fan base seems to have come from Nerd-U-Like. Wish I was there!

davebrockis 2623 days ago

I think you lot could have made a bit of an effort to smarten up for the good doctor. Sorry, just jealous.

jasreffell 2623 days ago

Where is the live video feed on the BBC website for all us fans that couldn't get a ticket :(

edpugh 2623 days ago

Is the front row just for film buffs who went to Specsavers? (other spectacle providers are available)

Kirkybean 2623 days ago

There's a free seat! I'm on my way...