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my love letter from @craigyferg. we made up, though. watch Late, Late Show tonite.

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1759 days ago

my love letter from . we made up, though. watch Late, Late Show tonite.


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Meli_Mellz 1600 days ago

LOVE it...neuro humor..That chicken scratch- Md's even when you print it is rough.

shoogboog8 1752 days ago

gotta laugh

wholedogcamp 1753 days ago


awolf2105 1757 days ago

Caring words,and it looks like he took quite some time to write them !

cloverest 1757 days ago

Really enjoyed your appearance on his show. Seemed like you had a lot of fun!

Nabweekly 1759 days ago

haha! See he Does say whatever the ~~bleep~~ he wants!!

STEVORENO55 1759 days ago

Is that what I think it says? He used the F word in his letter? Don't let the kids see it.

Fanny57 1759 days ago

Seems like a reasonable question. (smiling) Looking Fwd to the segment tonight.

_WolfSpirit 1759 days ago

Haha Craigy. That's our Craig all right. lol. Can't wait to see you on the show.

qwnofeverything 1759 days ago

HAHAHAHAA that sounds like our Love that he has no reverence for anything. he's such a REBEL!! Good to see you back tho.

Treese_12345 1759 days ago

It says the bad F word. Craigy gets a time out for that one.

JP5060 1759 days ago

How in the world do you have time to do all that you do? love the wording in the note, too!

mystique2078 1759 days ago

That is a perfect question lol Can't wait to see you on the show tonight!

SexyCraigFerg 1759 days ago

LMAO good question! About time you showed up. That's a long wait for an appointment with you. :)