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Back to the basics.Something's wrong when you stop drawing for fun. Never turn something you enjoy into a chore.

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1948 days ago

Back to the basics.Something's wrong when you stop drawing for fun. Never turn something you enjoy into a chore.


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supersnert_AQ 1813 days ago

umm yes i would love to see a cc version of this or even just the black 1 in game!

RetrocidoNegro 1942 days ago

I dont care if your stuff completely flops. You have the best stuff Milt! :D

2sidedblade 1944 days ago

Btw any chance that the rare void could be made to ac instead of ac/mem?

2sidedblade 1944 days ago

Hey milt. I love the simplicity of these armors. A color custom version would be awesome :)

Aqworlded 1944 days ago

I agree with Ichidoric, more shading would have been nice, the the simplicity is something that I favor from this armor. Keep up the great work!

ReddyTheCat 1944 days ago

Evolutions of this would be super cool, and it'd help with your drawing-chore :(

TheAQWBros 1945 days ago

I would be behind it 100%

TheAQWBros 1945 days ago

Milt it would be an awesome idea for you to make different evolutions of this armor

Walker_of_Death 1945 days ago


Walker_of_Death 1945 days ago

You should just create an in-game lazar weapon for yourself and use it to destroy the other armors.

Indestry 1945 days ago

it'll be underminned. :x

Indestry 1945 days ago

it is for me leaning towards the side of, "Lackluster", because I have a feeling....

Indestry 1945 days ago

Underminnig ftl. So any ideas how the second coming of your zone will be? Because..

HoneyBadgerHoly 1945 days ago

The helmet reminds me of black knight helmet. alot. and the shoulders on the armor are awesome, but I just don't like the rest of it. :P Hope you get your touch back. :P

_Darkot_ 1945 days ago

Ik what u mean about never stop drawing for fun. Im drawing art for a game i plan to create and i dont think of it as a job. But when i do, what you are creating just isnt the same. It looses the unexplainable feeling that just tells you that you were the

DatIbby 1945 days ago

Not really, Gale Warrior. I think two shields would be redundant.

jorgedagot 1945 days ago

they are really cool! but i think the chest and the shoulder could use some more details. My fav part about it is the feet.. Could there be a Color custom version ac in the ac shop?

DatIbby 1945 days ago

Ah. I always thought it was to reduce lag or something.

GaleWarrior 1945 days ago

Also,if you're wondering why the shield on the golden centurion armor isn't black on the other side is because it's programed to be invisible. :P

DiablezzoAE 1945 days ago

So you hate what he did to your work, ruining it,but not him as a person.