Kendall Jenner



Kendall the little pig!! :p

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1857 days ago

Kendall the little pig!! :p


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Kay_Teresa 1553 days ago

So adorable!!! :)

Kathyrule11 1815 days ago


kooxie305 1823 days ago

L.o.L.(: Awww.....etc. Cute)(waz=D.....dnt take it da wronq way gurl u beautiful cuz u big now:);)

flawlessbiebsus 1841 days ago

owwwwwww u look so cute :)

mindfullofshit 1842 days ago

AAAAW. really cuttiee

raluca2406 1845 days ago

so cuteee

maemoo34 1846 days ago

... and take things too far I love your family kardashians FTW

maemoo34 1846 days ago

...Of your family your beautiful and your sisters are beautiful and I love your familyuts a shame that people like him are so pathetic

maemoo34 1846 days ago

This is so cute and your so beautiful now :D ignore grahamnworb2 he's jealous that he's not part of

missdeepest 1847 days ago

I and my daughter r big fans of u guys such a beautiful family,sprouting into a young rose gorgous picture of yourself and the clothes your modeling, much sucess in the future, godbless/ :D

TeenzGotSwaG_ 1850 days ago

grahamnworb2 dude watz wit all the hating?? get a one cares about your opinion!!

JazellAlexiss 1851 days ago

vvvvv No respect! Go some where else with your b.s. Kendall, you're a beauty :)

grahamnworb2 1851 days ago

This fucking PIG has grown into a whore.... her father is a piece of shit and her mother a dog

Godsgirlygirl97 1851 days ago

awwww(: haaha! Piggyyy!(:
Btw- im really really really happy that creep was suspended!

_OhhLana 1852 days ago

VV I believe nobody asked you for you opinion on the jenner & kardashians.
Woooow, shows how nice people are. Get off the computer & get a life, k?

fairestofalll 1852 days ago

to the creep who commented below, you are disgusting. how dare you speak to any woman like that.

grahamnworb2 1852 days ago

I hope you cunts fucking rot in hell with your father especially you Kendall Jennar you fucking whore

itsbrix3 1853 days ago


paulaportesbr 1853 days ago