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This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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2657 days ago


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squirrelgar 2653 days ago

Fancy men deserve fancier signs

PORKYYORK 2654 days ago

Was the sign hung with a piece of used chewing gum?...this would make a great comedy album cover art

CosmicThumper 2655 days ago

Did David and Bobo make that sign for you?

KinsellaJohnP 2656 days ago

Nice T! How can you not print? People in North Korea get their fingers chewed off if they print that bad. Dear Leader like white girls>

ChibiAnji 2656 days ago

They could've added a touch of class and used a sharpie marker on a CLEAN piece of paper!

MiltWaddams 2656 days ago

wow ... nothing but the best for jim ... you have arrived

marvels2099 2656 days ago

Swimming pools, movie stars!

ITIScott 2656 days ago

Big star comin through. Step aside!

bigdirtyphil 2656 days ago

did a smurf ejaculate on the corner?

thewho1 2656 days ago


LVgator 2656 days ago

This sign was taped to the back of a passed out tranny.

bobbyd66 2657 days ago

Sign for Jim Norton show : 1 dollar, Peice of shit plywood its stuck to $1.50. The amusement of thousands of Yimmy's Twitter followers: PRICELESS!!

bobbyd66 2657 days ago

Did they hire tippy tom to make that sign? YUCHH!!

nneptune 2657 days ago

Fancy sign for a fancy man

Spone63 2657 days ago

You have hit the Big Time Jimmy. Stay away from those NASCAR people in Albany scary s*it!

dutchmastermk 2657 days ago

at least your T's are consistent. much like the ones in your blood.

UncleRico23 2657 days ago

I thought the shittiest sign would say: Rich Vos Tonight at 8pm

rexdart936 2657 days ago

so this is what they teach college interns to do.

VolvoPhil 2657 days ago

Total budget for the Jim Norton Show - 3 bucks

joshforman 2657 days ago

well at least everything is spelled right