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This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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2520 days ago


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nneptune 2516 days ago

with a spread like that...YOU"RE HIRED!

PORKYYORK 2517 days ago

what the fuck are those forks for....it's all finger food
...would you like a straw with your sourdough crackers? I could finger paint a better note.

madecummsies 2518 days ago

Jim Norton's note to self "get new agent, preferably one who knows how to write a proper rider"

cmimbri 2519 days ago

where is the robe and warm broth for such a fancy fancy performer

stevethrower 2519 days ago


I think they forgot a couple of things...

nycsfguy 2519 days ago

Gotta love the note written in fifth grade handwriting using the ever popular blue ink (or crayon) on blue paper (or paper towel)

nycsfguy 2519 days ago

I used to work for the Temptations, and could stock any dressing room in an emergency with a run to KFC; it happened more than once.

MitchInTexas 2519 days ago

boring zzzzzzzzzzzz

rule22 2519 days ago

wow! 2 varieties of pretzels... you ARE big time.

bobbyd66 2519 days ago

Sign for Lil Jimmy Nortons Show $1.00 Food that was left over from an office lunchroom party $5.00. Knowing Jimmy has hit the big time PRICELESS!!

rexdart936 2519 days ago

looks like teds discount catering emporium was here.

rexdart936 2519 days ago

wow, i didnt know Fago cola made fruit trays for fancy comedians.

rexdart936 2519 days ago

only five plastic forks? even vos gets atleast 10.

matty76 2519 days ago

Did they take the cat shit out of the litter box before they put your Price Chopper brand water in there? Also, why the hell do they have forks out for not ONE, but TWO types of pretzels. What else is on your rider, did they stiff you on your bag of Com

joshforman 2519 days ago

who do you think you are, mike meyers? lig lig!!

csknoll 2519 days ago

Glad all your hard work finally paid off.

tekn8tor 2519 days ago

they were so impressed by your status they covered all the fruit in spit for you

WinningWeiner 2519 days ago

no grapes in the fruit-salad. i see they lisien to the show. linngger loner!

loganblue 2519 days ago

looks like great stuff to be farting out on stage....

WinningWeiner 2519 days ago

food for thought