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It may be hard to have a Golden Gaytime on your own, but I seem to be managing.

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2370 days ago

It may be hard to have a Golden Gaytime on your own, but I seem to be managing.


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rozmar11 2200 days ago

U should have many and often. Gotta luv us aussies. We kno how to enjoy ourselves.

fluffybex 2315 days ago

You've done that before, haven't you! Lol...

CurioFreie 2328 days ago

Huh, It`s so lovely and yummy)

HelenChekhova 2342 days ago

I have only one word to comment and this word is LOVELY

JudithAHyneman 2363 days ago

Not a good look

Olivia_Scarlett 2365 days ago


Roseamunde 2365 days ago

...have an extra one for me please... :-)

ravensward 2368 days ago

What is it with ice cream and gaiety these days? You must have a picture taken by Big Gay Ice Cream Truck next time you're in New York. You may even get a specially made ice cream named after you.

jennihow 2369 days ago

Have you tried a choc wedge...a true Aussie Icon!

Nickk3 2369 days ago

This is why I love you.

paddlefoot1397 2369 days ago

oh man, i am gonna have to duck down to the servo and get one now!!! mmmm delish!!!

sneakybison 2369 days ago

Are they... are they breadcrumbs?

CaronLJSBrady 2369 days ago

Just love this photo, toatlly without ego - thank you for sharing Stehpen

hatsbybilly 2369 days ago

What in the name of God has happened to your hair? You're having a Frankie Howard attack.

tobymonk 2369 days ago

The expression on your face makes this your best pic EVAH!

maryg63 2369 days ago

toffee crumble lolly ice mmmmmm

missmyfanwy 2369 days ago

oh man I miss golden gaytimes! Nom

hiscoresboards 2369 days ago

A deep fried Mars Bar a day, helps you work rest and play......down under

dazzaa_54 2369 days ago


357MonsterBlue 2369 days ago