Sara Bareilles


Snuggie up. Happy birthday graham!

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2103 days ago

Snuggie up. Happy birthday graham!


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el_vampi 2086 days ago

oh no! ketel one vodka!!

Johmni 2098 days ago

You don't ever, keep bags of, reefer, open like that!? That shit will dry out in a heart-beat!!

Pollo_Loco_ 2102 days ago

Are you sitting on a small woodland creature? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

bwt77gis 2102 days ago

Hahahah nice!!!

ClementGrellier 2102 days ago

lol !! Love it :)

LigiCreide 2102 days ago

I really want one oh theese.. just like yours ! :)

splashofpaint7x 2103 days ago

haha thats funny!

myangelofmusic 2103 days ago

Oh ma gad... I JUST gave my friend that Snuggie a couple days ago!!

mellygregory 2103 days ago

hahaha you're too funny

ohjoystacey 2103 days ago

...and I thought my blue snuggie was awesome. You win.

RixardBionic 2103 days ago


jcranc1 2103 days ago

i spy a kettle one bottle. and johnny walker black label? god, im such an alcoholic...

LeoOutloud 2103 days ago

Lol, absolutely love it Sara!

nah_t 2103 days ago

ALWAYS good-looking!

hokie98jj 2103 days ago

How many zebras were harmed in the making of this Snuggie?

JenMello 2103 days ago

What are you reading?

kauis 2103 days ago

what are you wearing?

GirlsFunLives 2103 days ago

lmao cool :)

joseramonmarmtz 2103 days ago

very cozy...