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I'm a musician with a swollen sense of my ability to articulate my insignificance.

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I've often been quite racist about English coffee. This one I got in a deli in Brisbane is pretty much standard in Aus.

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1979 days ago

I've often been quite racist about English coffee. This one I got in a deli in Brisbane is pretty much standard in Aus.


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Kwissi 1750 days ago

Yes, but was it the WORLDS BEST DELI ?

KaiPage 1978 days ago

Oh piss off!

annawaits 1978 days ago

How very tacky. *hurt by racism.* ;)

benarmham 1979 days ago

wow, a missed career in calligraphy. unless they are actually illiterate except for the letters T I M. is calligraphy a job? eh.

marieke234 1979 days ago

Now that's classy. But what if you're name is Rolihlahla..?

howlieT 1979 days ago

epic coffee. Although there's a wonderful place in coventry where they remember my name

misswiz 1979 days ago

How would they manage if your name was Englebert?

faseidl 1979 days ago

, when will I see an 'Andy' latte at the South U. store? ;-)

georgie_bee 1979 days ago

pretty much standard?? i'm a brissy barista and thought my leaf and spiral designs were tops. now i feel terribly sub-standard. wow though, that would of made my day!

sponkadelliac 1979 days ago

, only if you're in New Zealand =P

TartanCrusader 1979 days ago

It's actually Arabic for "We don't eat pigs", you've just taken the pic upside down.

boujarfaoui 1979 days ago

Shouldn't that say "Tum"?

oggie114 1979 days ago

Hehehe, for shame on us English with our second rate coffee. This is most impressive, I shall teach myself how to do this tomorrow at work. Did they use magic milk from a magic cow or just standard cow milk? I don't fancy having to hunt down a magic cow i

horsestories 1979 days ago

It looks too pretty to drink though. What's the use of that?

LauraPerrier 1979 days ago

i used to do shamrocks on guiness, never tried writing a name though!!

leilah 1979 days ago

Apparently, I'm going to the wrong coffee shops. Limited options around here, tho!

SueColes 1979 days ago

So cute, mine usually has a heart shape in it.

DrJavaBeans 1979 days ago

Hate to tell you this but they put that on everyone's coffee. The barista is an egomaniac called Tim...

jofletcher 1979 days ago

Does that say Tim or Trim (milk)?

oliverchalliner 1979 days ago

i'm tempted to say "you can put lipstick on a pig" but we all know the trouble that got obama into