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A beestung cartoon puppy waits for the Benadryl to kick in.

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1770 days ago

A beestung cartoon puppy waits for the Benadryl to kick in.


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AmyK0_o 1766 days ago

Poor thing. I've never seen a dog swollen by a sting before.

zencam 1767 days ago

ohh poor baby.

Conscious 1767 days ago

does look like a cartoon

LynneSp 1767 days ago

Oh no, poor little thing! So cute but so so sad.

tygerbright74 1770 days ago

She looks so Sad :(! Hope she feeling better now.

fridarome 1770 days ago

Ooh. Yup. She looks like Scooby.

saintjohnnbarts 1770 days ago

Perfect expression of patience in pain, sometimes life is the pits. Very glad it is temporary!

pajaroenvuelo 1770 days ago

Jaysus. That is quite a swollen puppy. Poor thing. <3

edionb 1770 days ago

AWW Lola! Break my heart! :( Get well soon! fear=bees for me BTW!

Debbracadabra 1770 days ago

Poor Lola!! She looks so sad :(

raven2rock 1770 days ago


cheshirerotik 1770 days ago

Awww, poor Lola!!! I have to admit, I did giggle though. She does look just like a cartoon pup :)

44r0n7x 1770 days ago

champ <3

Mrs_Nutty 1770 days ago

Awwww ! Looks sad ! Poor little puppy !

BrigidTanner 1770 days ago

Poor baby!

MissBurlesque 1770 days ago

awww my goodness poor baby <3

KaywinnitFrye 1770 days ago

Awww. Poor sad puppy.

daisylind 1770 days ago

d'aw! we had a horse get bitten by a rattler once and his face poofed up too. He was ok tho!

Essylt 1770 days ago

poor Lola! i hope she gets better soon!

Lisana 1770 days ago

Awww, poor puppy! Hope the swelling goes down soon!