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I am a monkey

Yoga really brings out the jewish in me.

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2324 days ago

Yoga really brings out the jewish in me.


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VSlomanov 1883 days ago

You mean it essentially fills the 'hollow' that would normally cause you to spend money?:) xoxo

Irrat8ed 2132 days ago


I thought I thought up something and then the internet told me I didn't.

MxxxVVxxxM 2133 days ago

You are bringing out your inner "Manischewitz" . u r sooo beautiful!

Siddiqui32r 2156 days ago

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dirtylenny 2157 days ago

You're Jewish???

AmyK0_o 2170 days ago

Curls are beautiful and so are you bubbele.

davidlevine 2220 days ago

And the beauty.

TiltedHorizons 2253 days ago

Thx, I'm hungry now. Yours Truly, Count Draculastein.

nomonono 2253 days ago

looks like the ovens ran out of gas just as it was your turn. (love)

b91k 2253 days ago

do all jews have curly hair?

Invisibl 2314 days ago

dis your ass cheeks get sweaty too?

lcohenfan 2323 days ago

To quote one of my favorite Jewish people (Adam Sandler), "so hot want to touch the hiney."

C_Leo_Boozab 2324 days ago

So beautiful. You look gorgeous Sarah kid. :)

sexyfatgit 2324 days ago

what salty

OhYeahImLou 2324 days ago

Your Glowing! =)

KevinUpstairs 2324 days ago

You look like you went 3 rounds with Mel Gibson.

aliasETERNAL 2324 days ago

I think it's great when yogis hang Picasso's...Makes ya think...

MaryJZanone 2324 days ago

Lovely curls and a pretty borscht blush.

southcobb_rob 2324 days ago

i'd still bang ya

KevinKrooss 2324 days ago

Subject appears to have been beaten about the face and neck with a blunt instrument. Possibly sock a sock full of nickels.