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with @iancr and the amazing josh freese (IN THE EFFING DEVO OUTFIT. so awesome).

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2624 days ago

with and the amazing josh freese (IN THE EFFING DEVO OUTFIT. so awesome).


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curseofthefurse 2578 days ago

oh, you're hot. X

Lisa_Furter 2604 days ago

Cute pic. LOVING the fishnets!! Viva la rocky horror!

thefamilycat 2624 days ago

I am sooo jealous!

furrytigerkitty 2624 days ago

o my Josh! i toured with him on Perfect Circle...that was the tour where he hurt his drumming leg and SWITCHED to other leg, JF is a true professional.

LadyRedCrest 2624 days ago

You and Josh "Fucking" Freese in a pic together. I have to admit I squealed a bit.

NickAHernandez 2624 days ago

such pretty hair!

kurtismarsh 2624 days ago

DEVO rocks

benjamin13 2624 days ago

amanda, you always manage to take pictures with all of my favorite people [yourself included, of course].

2_point_0 2624 days ago

yes! that is amazing! WHIP IT GOOD!

christyana 2624 days ago

helllll yes :D amanda, you look so adorable. aye.

peaceiscool 2624 days ago

aw yeah! \m/

phunybuny 2624 days ago

love love love!

OkieAnnie 2624 days ago

That's a boatload of happy right there!

therealylime 2624 days ago

Epic win. That is all.

StiltzGynormous 2624 days ago

He is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE drummers...EVER!

radiantcrimson 2624 days ago