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ProsdoksyniFilm 1835 days ago

I admire you, for you are a man of God !!!

adiekenyon 2027 days ago

Precious! Now when can we get some pics of Mom in there with ya? I think she's great!!!

kaleogirl 2028 days ago


smilesRgracious 2029 days ago

if that doesn't put a smile on God's face then I don't know what does.
this is just beautiful =]

ekawaye 2046 days ago

Awww Jeremy - she's so big now!!!

crystel_v 2049 days ago

aaww....this is such a cute picture!!
Both worshiping the Lord!
Take care!=]

MirandaH6 2050 days ago

Oh how cute are the two of you together!! Will she be releasing a CD anytime soon? hehe.

tammi42065 2050 days ago

She's so cute! I agree with kellygirl27 you should let her play during the show if she wants...

kellygirl27 2050 days ago

That is too precious! You must let her play during the show! :)

mrscoachroy 2050 days ago

Hi Friend. It's Vanessa (Mo...). She is precious!!! I love this photo! Miss you guys! Love the updates I get from Heather. :) Blessings, bro!!!

JanetPlanet5 2050 days ago

Aww, too aorable. At your Ontario show I will have gifts for you and your girls. Look for them!

hollieisme 2050 days ago

She's darling!

firehairedwapa 2050 days ago

Looks like such fun! Wanted so much to be at the concert tonight. Thanks for sharing a piece of it!!

missiet 2050 days ago

so cute!

whitneydumford 2050 days ago

She's adorable!

boudle 2050 days ago

she is beautiful and thats a cute picture

jimadams1 2050 days ago

Such precious gifts from God!!
Looks like a blast!! Thanks for sharing Jeremy! God Bless you and your family!!
Live a salt Life!!
Jim Adams