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GREAT! I forgot we were flying today

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1829 days ago

GREAT! I forgot we were flying today


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evapotterporter 1570 days ago

can't say i haven't done that!!!

LilLuisaa 1574 days ago

Costco sockssss! My favorite :)

MiaLira 1644 days ago

My feet Preferred

ddlovatofan4ev 1658 days ago

haha lol I do stuff like that ALL the time.... consider it a new fashion trend! :)

GeoAllStarFan_x 1662 days ago

blue sock ;D x

geoctopus_ 1662 days ago

hahahaha :L x i just love the blue sock :L

DeeMayFluKes 1673 days ago

those are from cosco

AllStar_Short 1751 days ago

U make me smile every day!!!!!

ericafigz 1787 days ago


Mikylessthan3 1802 days ago

Hahaha that's ok! you're just awesome like that!

jesslovessadub 1809 days ago

hahaha i wear diffrent socks all the time!!!!

iloveyahhoos 1811 days ago

omg i got thoes socks to and i allso wear diff socks 2.ur not alone cam

AshAllStar4Ever 1819 days ago

I usually wear diff. socks! your not alone cam! ahhaah

Nikkiibabyxoxo 1821 days ago

lol!!! i have these same exact socks! and i was wearing them to the dodgers @ giants game! :D

JustMeMitchie 1823 days ago

i did the same thing! hahaha when i went to Italy <3

mattieex 1826 days ago

thats ohkk camm, i always wear different colored socks. baha. ♥

ChilleyDawg13 1827 days ago

im wearing too different coler toe socks right now one is black and white (or should i say brown...well thats just the bottom)and the other sock is dark blue and light blue

ChilleyDawg13 1827 days ago

that lookslike my socks but one is usallyblack and the other one is white or brown which tecnacally means the white one but i walk ever wer in them so they are brown

OhhHayeItsKinzi 1827 days ago


OhHey_Michelle 1827 days ago

ahaha, oh well!
I'm gonna go do that:]