Jim Norton


This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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1980 days ago


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magnusagazeroth 1942 days ago

the last thing a 4 year old sees from uncle paul

DannyBayRidge 1976 days ago

Chink food for a guy with no chin

jackiedavala 1978 days ago

skinny mini

TMA2 1979 days ago

at least the AIDS is making him thinner

baybmonkey1 1979 days ago

Is that like Steve's favorite restaurant "PF WANGS"..

JuliusWhitfield 1979 days ago

is that a chin i see :D

Diepdiccer 1980 days ago

damn looks like you've dropped a few buddy

annieviolent 1980 days ago

Why are you in albany?!! Do you have a gig up here?

syollin 1980 days ago

Nice of you to dress up for a night out on the town, fuckin' schlub. Love ya, Yimmy.

MissLindsey420 1980 days ago

albany's a shithole...

WilliamSputnik 1980 days ago

Sometimes, it is better NOT to hit the "send" button

phyllie 1980 days ago

You're so cute Jimmy!! Hope you enjoyed your dinner.

cmimbri 1980 days ago

its the bugs bunny turtle with out its shell ....from the tortoise race

hitthepunchline 1980 days ago

how can a neck that thin maintain fucking chin rolls?

Lambo_LM 1980 days ago

the fried rice at PF changs is delish

andrewburgin 1980 days ago

whats that in your right (your left) nostril?

spuv 1980 days ago

What are you doing in Albany? Besides cruising trannies.

Meowcrazy 1980 days ago

I love you Jimmy...

cmimbri 1980 days ago

105 miles an hour chasing a tranny...you think your cumia ...slow down and live you ass