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Haha this is what happens when ADUB goes to Jack after a concert.... A bajillion tocos

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2166 days ago

Haha this is what happens when ADUB goes to Jack after a concert.... A bajillion tocos


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daniaviola 1915 days ago

WOWW!!! but thats still not all that bad...! :P

evapotterporter 1970 days ago

holy frick! oh. my. gosh. wow. really? like, for real??

arianna_fraser 2066 days ago

omg how can u eat that much??? I can only have two or three... 8O

abstinator1115 2096 days ago


pretzeluke 2130 days ago


ChilleyDawg13 2146 days ago

what piggs i can only eat like tow

ItsVeronica98 2146 days ago

wow! you guys must love tacos!! i do!! :P haha

amazingalyssaaa 2165 days ago

Lol. You guys eat ALOT. :P

Kate_Booker12 2165 days ago

gosh u must have been hungery but tacos are really good ymmm

allstarweekend5 2165 days ago

50 bucks on tacos!?!?!?!? thats ADUB for ya ;) love you guys!!!

bryana_nguyen 2165 days ago

Hehe tocos.......nice spelling..........

Norbie98 2165 days ago

That's real nice guys...... xD

Ohsnap_Megan 2165 days ago

haahah you guys are crazy! 50 bucks on tacos? haha i <3 you guys [:

ItsSamBacon 2165 days ago

lol. I LOVE JACK TACOS(: Nice choice boys! :P

VicAllStar 2165 days ago

wooow. hahaa! I love tacos too :)

BigBroYoyo 2166 days ago

ohhhh man!

BrittAllstar 2166 days ago

bahaha 45 dollars on TACOS:)lol i had such a great time meeting u tonight:)enjoy the bracletts:)

jesly007 2166 days ago

Oh my gosh! That is alot of tacos. Now I wanna nomnom a taco!!! =(

ElizabethYuuup 2166 days ago

Ohhmyygoshh!! Jack in the box is like the cheapest place ever! Hahaha (:

AsTimePassesBy 2166 days ago

Typos are just accidents that make people laugh. It's all goof....GOOD :)