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Sxsw Panel #1: bloggers are taking over

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2661 days ago

Sxsw Panel #1: bloggers are taking over


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curseofthefurse 2615 days ago

lovely fishnets. lovely boots. :3 X

Lisa_Furter 2641 days ago

Lovely fukn fishnetssss!!!!

myriadlights 2649 days ago

mmm, fishnets. mmm, boots. mmm, boots. mmm, fishnets. (repeat ad infinitum)

dementes 2660 days ago

holy smokin' fishnets batman.

foolspawn 2661 days ago

bloggers? all i can see are pretty legs ^_^ mmMmMmmMmmMmmmm

pinkflyodian 2661 days ago

Its, the internet bloggers are going to use every method possible to get there message out,and then there are your fans and as far as it goes I just love you music your lyrics your talent and the beautiful way you write your messages especially on my spac

helloxjed 2661 days ago

Learning about harnessing the power of social networking?

kurtismarsh 2661 days ago

is this a good or bad thing or just a thing

xeronius 2661 days ago

3 things i love: , fishnets, and the word gams! Stay classy, Texas!

MediaCrisis 2661 days ago

Fake. Real bloggers don't leave their dimly lit office. Nice gams mamacita.

chordapupa 2661 days ago

Looks like a boring convention.
Nice nets.

bibliomom 2661 days ago

Bloggers? What bloggers?

radiantcrimson 2661 days ago

... I'm not even sad that Stan didn't make it into this one....

freakydeak 2661 days ago

forget the bloggers...look at the legs :)
sorry was that my outside voice?

deseraestage 2661 days ago

oh my fuck. fishnets. my office just got very warm.