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Using 140 characters or less, set a scene describing the picture above! #FundayMonday

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2323 days ago

Using 140 characters or less, set a scene describing the picture above! #FundayMonday


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melissafeather 2322 days ago

Sinister Hand Duck vs Special Hand Duck: Round One!

theallieofmyeye 2323 days ago

American sign language is harder than I thought!

elisebee 2323 days ago

Dog-gone it you are one lovely hand puppet.

yourallycat 2323 days ago

As Becky yapped incessantly, Sally's mind drifted off to the romantic wonderland that is modcloth

BooshFan2010 2323 days ago

"Yeah mum. Of course I love shadow puppets. What 34 year-old doesn't?"

QuietBook 2323 days ago

Honk, honk! "Quack!" Watch out for the cars, Mrs. Mallard!

K_Awesome_Mo 2323 days ago

Not everyone was a fan of the Shadow Puppet Theatre's low-budget retelling of Swan Lake. #FundayMonday

blondegirl27 2323 days ago

Their eyes locked, and silently time froze. With mind racing, he stumbled to find the words, any words... and all he could say was, 'Hello."

LeslieSteiger 2323 days ago

Prospect Park geese plan their escape

TaraNewman 2323 days ago

Mrs. Darling quietly stared at her children from the doorway. Wendy was at it again, always telling pirate stories... about ducks

amycball 2323 days ago

My hands are cramping! I must need some ModCloth jewelry...

laplinp 2323 days ago

Hand 1: "Orly?" Hand 2: "Yarly"