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I'm a musician with a swollen sense of my ability to articulate my insignificance.

This is how tired I am. Can I go to bed now please?

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2773 days ago

This is how tired I am. Can I go to bed now please?


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TheFunksTitties 2475 days ago

dammit, you look good. heehh, I wear my make-up like that too!

battyy13 2686 days ago

not such a good look ..... know the feeling though

stephhs94 2746 days ago

Poor you!!! It must get tough touring all the time.

Black_Ashes 2768 days ago

Hahahahaha.. love it.

elliemakesmusic 2770 days ago

poor tim. go sleep.

run__lola__run 2770 days ago

Go.. sleep.. now. It'll only get worse!!


sponkadelliac 2772 days ago

Ahh, you had me scared for a sec! So, the baldy photo on the myspace is photoshopped?

GemmaBiggs 2772 days ago

Awwww Hope you managed to get some sleep Tim xxx

AlanMcKenna 2773 days ago

that's tired alright

alicespringz 2773 days ago

sweet dreams Tim

SueColes 2773 days ago

It's pouring with rain in sunny Queensland so no run for you today, stay in bed and have a nice lie in.
Sue x

kimbowa 2773 days ago

Phht... young man like you - where's the stamina? See you at PCH when you get back home.

LauraPerrier 2773 days ago

Hugs from me, Kate & kids! we fell asleep on sofa as soooooo tired - we understand babe! Have good sleep, and then go 4 run xx

trinagilly 2773 days ago

sleepy nigh nigh off to beddie baus now..

booshgirl93 2773 days ago

awww bless.....go to bed!!

RaeLovesDragons 2773 days ago

timm is tiredd. yessum he is tiredd. why? i dont knowowow man. hope sleep is nice for you and the like.

Dawnybird 2773 days ago

Tired yet still foxy...........how do you do that??

bobrigg 2773 days ago

feel a little ill now

foilly 2773 days ago

aww poor baby... someones very tired... I dont know why you were still up at that time...

PostmanNina 2773 days ago

Dear God, yes! Get yourself tucked up now. I hope that hedonistic lifestyle of witty, sceptical, musical comedy and baby sick is worth it.