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2867 days ago


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cheeseflosser 2854 days ago

Obviuosly her last client's idea of fisting involved pummelling her face with them until a cop came. (I so fucked up that last post)

cheeseflosser 2854 days ago

Obviuosly her clast client's idea of fisting pummelling her face with them untill a cop came.

episiotomy 2859 days ago

i can tell the man on the tv has a nice hairdo

Tmitchell033 2863 days ago

shes got a face like a dropped pie

nocaffeine 2864 days ago

kind of a fatty...expected her to be much hotter

madecummsies 2865 days ago

she (and I use that description loosely) has a mouth that is just DYING to be teabagged

thewho1 2866 days ago

her nose looks like she was beat by Chris Brown

Brandondood 2866 days ago

wow... she looks exactly like the chick Janice from the muppets band Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem.

falcon95 2867 days ago

the definition of whore lol?

MikeNeve 2867 days ago

This is one "woman" that stole Jimmy's glasses.

nickeldean79 2867 days ago

Really? She looks like she had too much work done on her. Not that I wouldn't trade in my fat ick body for hers. Just saying, you can get much much nicer looking ladies!

MitchInTexas 2867 days ago

I couldn't wack to that

jeepnut 2867 days ago

Hi there big daddy.

colinmurphy00 2867 days ago


jeffdoc 2867 days ago

How come EVERYTHING in the pic is in focus EXCEPT FOR THE CHICK, Norton? *LOL*

dopher 2867 days ago

That's Mickey Rourke.

JayDonoghueEsq 2867 days ago

Raaaaaaaamone! Get me a shovel and some lye.

roh88 2867 days ago

What's up with the nose

royfe 2867 days ago

How can you not be watching Jeopardy at a time like this

royfe 2867 days ago

Is that Alex Trebeck in the background. HHow