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Unicorn sledgehammer

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2661 days ago

Unicorn sledgehammer


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curseofthefurse 2614 days ago


jooni 2660 days ago

no eyebrows! I had just figured they were tattooed on. I admire you extra now for daily eyebrow artistry.

aecio 2661 days ago

oun, how cute. both of you haha

omygolly 2661 days ago

as i'm looking at this picture . . . i can swear your arms and then unicorn are moving up and down. like you're breathing. O.O

calanree 2661 days ago

i was all geared up for some unicorn bludgeoning based on that title. but seeing you all sleepy and snuggle-like assuaged my blood lust. :)

tylerbrennan 2661 days ago

most peculiar colored unicorn ever?

kurtismarsh 2661 days ago

someone is going to get poked in the eye with that horn and then it won't be funny anymore

KaH_was_taken 2661 days ago

there's that horn again... I think with all that sleeping together you've been doing he must have a name... Or she...

purtlepootle 2661 days ago

Who could have guessed that unicorns could be so versatile!

dave__mac 2661 days ago

He's guarding your dreams with his horn, eh? Good unicorn! AFP needs her ZZzzs!

hallor 2661 days ago

argh. that last comment of mine got a bit weird. have changed my name but hadn't logged out from twitpic. fail.

hallor 2661 days ago

aw. that unicorn is seriously the adorablest thing ever (shut up, that is a word). is it from a fan?

madisonlynn 2661 days ago

lol. cute!

Aerinity 2661 days ago

Cute. I'd offer you 5-HTP but I'm not sure that would work well in comparison to marketed sleep aids. Sleep well and sweet dreams when you get there.