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I know it's about a lesbian couple, but give me a  break.

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2167 days ago

I know it's about a lesbian couple, but give me a break.


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jnellison3 2166 days ago

All three names are wrong. The pictures are shifted left.

manny_miles 2167 days ago

I've seen this sort of thing happen before in movie credits. They'll show an actor's name on screen but the footage they're showing is some other actor (s). It's not as odd as it appears..

pjjamma 2167 days ago

Don't they proofread?

uppityfag 2167 days ago

Did you read about the "Heterosexual Bloodbath" at SF Weekly's Week in Gay?

scarpi21 2167 days ago


andrew_mayfield 2167 days ago

Maybe they all have equal billing?

dianne727 2167 days ago

they really butched Julianne Moore up for the role.

benvanloon 2167 days ago

Annette Bening, looking good as ever.

Mattimaticus 2167 days ago

and Mark Ruffalo as a kinder, gentler Hulk.

nev38uhh 2167 days ago

hahahahaha...good one!

Punterjoe 2167 days ago

erm... I'm going to need to see some I.D.....

im2b 2167 days ago

they got the names wrong because somebody wasn't comfortable putting the 2 women next to each other (the slices of bread couldn't have the fluff on the outside)

vgreenswallow 2167 days ago

Ahaha! I love stuff like this.

justinsallen 2167 days ago

I think it's the placement of the names over the pictures he was commenting about.

danthalas 2167 days ago

Dudes. Cast your eyes upward.

lilylemony 2167 days ago

The use of the word "overFLOWING" in larger font is also a little disturbing.

DerekDefoe 2167 days ago

I think Julianne Moore looks pretty good with a little scruff.

goroku 2167 days ago

Somewhere a copy editor is standing on a ledge wishing he'd checked the ad one last time . . .

Kevin_byDesign 2167 days ago

I'M really attracted to Julianne Moore .. Maybe IM Gay Cured?!

orderofthegash 2167 days ago

yeah lesbians are neat, but that level of acclaim is a little overboard. ☺☻☺