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Hello! I'm Kylie :) and I love my family so much, being a new person this year and there's not a whole lot to know. I'm just me.

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 I DMed @justinbieber and ask him "Is @ROBINNNHOOD you? Just admit it hottie" and this is what he said! :P

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1521 days ago

I DMed and ask him "Is you? Just admit it hottie" and this is what he said! :P


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KidrauhlsCrowd 1141 days ago

lmfaaaao "and your not kylie. love you shawty!"

YeaahBieber 1141 days ago

Justin made a mistake that you are fake but I know that isn't Justin Bieber ;)

CinquexD 1144 days ago

How is she fake if tagged her in one of her twitpic photos? EXACTLY.

rhonalynreyes 1172 days ago

Why is she Verified if she's fake?

littlechilla 1498 days ago


YooItsMel 1504 days ago

stupid u. LMFAO . he even said that u r fake -.-

DopeSimpsonn 1506 days ago

Haha he said you're not Kylie, that's prettyyy funny!!!!

izzyalltimelow 1506 days ago

honey your "sisters" don't follow you on twitter. don't take this the wrong way but you are the fail poser of 2010 <3

TinyTottLil_i 1506 days ago

HAHAHAHAHA , Oh yeah and if you don't admit ur fake you can get in BIG TROUBLE by the Kardashians , Cuz they knw ur posing as Kylie. You can get arrested 4 posing dumbfuck . Get a life instead of posing as Kylie . Douche -.-

TinyTottLil_i 1506 days ago

Dumbfuck .JB CALLED U FAKE . Ya u took Kylie's twitter name . YOU NEED A LIFE . NOT KYLIE'S. Kylie can't have a Twitter uz u took her name and ur fooling ppl saying ur Kylie when ur not Dumbass.

Courtneeyoyo 1506 days ago

Get a life; we all know the story. Kim even said you took kylie's twitter name before she had the chance to even make one. Your dumb for keeping this pic up haha your making yourself look like an idiot. JB straight up put you on blast and your so dumb to

MackkBaby19 1506 days ago

hahahahaha! He called you fake!

ibbrooke6412 1507 days ago

If you where the real Kylie jenner you'd be verified. I don't see no checkmark. Fake.

TinyTottLil_i 1507 days ago

Your not Kylie. Get a damn life . JB Even said ur fake . Who r u fooling gurl.Dumfuck get a life (:

LivinLaLaLand 1507 days ago


BEYOUNGkaaaaa 1509 days ago

yup.. ur NOT KYLIE so.. shut up! ur just obsessed with JB that's all

AlaynaNicol 1509 days ago

he even said and your not kylie.

KylieJenner 1509 days ago

first of all, that bless you no man stuff thingy! look at his tweets 2 months ago he said that and that dm was jun 31 i think! dumb ass!

TinyTottLil_i 1510 days ago

HAHAHA . This Kylie's FAKE. =P None of the Kylie's are real. WHO ARE YOU FOOLING GIRL?! NOBODY. So get a life! And YES IS ACUALLY JUSTIN :)
And for the FAKE Kylie be who u r! As JB wud say...
Luv ya shawty! ♥

kelluvsel 1511 days ago

STFU.... Im sick of this stupid robin hood nonsense... ur NOT kylie... if u were than why is Kendalls twitter verified but urs isnt. and khloe wrote on facebook that KYLIE DOESNT OWN TWITTER. so did kendall so stfu and get ur OWN life. stop stealing other