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...and what they look like after... #fb

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2326 days ago

...and what they look like after... #fb


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msmithh13 2314 days ago

you look like the hulk ;) always put on an amazing showww!♥

dierksgirll 2325 days ago

Soooo lovin the after!! Dierks does look HOT!!!!!

marycoleen 2325 days ago

love too wipe da sweat off ya

biebergirl6697 2325 days ago

hahahaahahahahahahahahaha omg!!!!!! tell my dad i miss him!

lynheat 2326 days ago

You have great sweat glands!

SC_Psych_O 2326 days ago

lol. Wasnt it disgustingly hot out there! Couldnt wait to get home to my body wash and shampoo! Thanks so much for doing it for us though. We know u guys work hard!

diangraham 2326 days ago

Helloooo Is anyone there....spaced out!!!!!

Precious1953 2326 days ago

This is the picture of dedication or is it Insanity.......whichever I love you all

Precious1953 2326 days ago

did you all play in yesterday's heat?????? My God it is a wonder you are all breathing!

Precious1953 2326 days ago

You all look better after, are you tired..ha ha ha...should have seen my niece and son after the mud slide yesterday

KarissaShields 2326 days ago

Yep.....that's about right!

DebbieLMBT 2326 days ago

hahaha : ) thats how we do it in Raleigh

CTcowgirl 2326 days ago

Whoa looking real hot now.....literally!! Do I see steam coming off those curls?? Lol

traceythayer 2326 days ago

oh my god!!! gotta say after looks hotter then before :) sexy dudes

newfiewoman1966 2326 days ago

look like you guys could use a very cold beer, wish i was there so i could give it to you all

killamacyo 2326 days ago

you did an awesome job, as always!!! :D

jlowcashflow 2326 days ago

It would have been nice to have had a breeze tonight, huh dierks??? It was crazy fun though!!! Thanks!!!

NikolPurvis 2326 days ago

ok, plz I hope ur not like this when I interview u here in a few weeks. Poor guy.

corgigirl 2326 days ago

All in the name of art, right? You all must lose about 15 lbs. a night!

cjpiper 2326 days ago

YUM! who's the one to your left (blue tshirt)?????